apeflac2mp3 is a Python script I wrote to bulk convert APE, FLAC or other music files to mp3.

I have a lot of musics in APE and FLAC formats, for example this gem: Mozart Complete Works [Brilliant] 170 CDs. It has 170 FLAC files, one for each CD. Each FLAC file also have a cue file that tells title and start time for every tracks in the FLAC file.

Convert them manually will take a lot of time. I’m sure there are bulk converters for this type of task, but I just could not find any. So I wrote it. It basically use ffmpeg to do the conversion. The bulk of cue parsing code is from this gist.

With it, I converted 170 CD Mozart library to a directory that contains 2215 MP3 files. The size of original FLAC files is 42GB, it was reduced to 8GB in MP3 format.

For Chopin The Complete Works 16CD, I got 258 MP3 files with a total size of only 1GB.