EC2 Azure GCP reserved VM price comparison


I was looking for a small virtual machine (or VPS virtual private server) for development. Normally I would go with either digitalocean or linode. Their prices are the same: $10 per month for 2GB vm and $20 for 4GB. Because I know I will be using this VM for more than a year, I started look into the VM’s that offered by big 3 cloud providers with long term discount.

Below are the findings.

Amazon EC2

type cpu/ram term price
t3a.micro 2cpu 1GB standard 3-year all-upfront $93 ($2.58/Mon)
t3a.small 2cpu 2GB standard 3-year all-upfront $186 ($5.16/Mon)
t3a.medium 2cpu 4GB standard 3-year all-upfront $372 ($10.33/Mon)

Note price is for us-east-1 region. Different regions has different price, for example, for northern-California region (us-west-1) t3a.medium costs $509 for 3-year all-upfront, for Tokyo region (ap-northeast-1), t3a.medium costs $553 for 3-year all-upfront. us-east-2, us-west-2 have the same price as us-east-1.

Also note t3a use AMD cpu’s, t2 and t3 use Intel cpu’s and are more expensive. But in real world application it shouldn’t make much a difference.

Azure VM

type cpu/ram term price
B1S 1cpu 1GB 3-year $3.50/Mon
B1MS 1cpu 2GB 3-year $7.69/Mon
B2S 2cpu 4GB 3-year $13.77/Mon

GCP Compute Engine VM Committed use

type cpu/ram term price
N1 1cpu 2GB 3-year $15.82/Mon
N1 1cpu 4GB 3-year $19.16/Mon

Looks like AWS has best price if you just want a 2-4GB VM without considering other factors.